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There's not much news of late, which is not a bad thing at all!  It's nice to have a dull day or two now and then!

On Saturday we went to Monroe to do some Sam's shopping and wish Doug's mom a happy birthday.  I forgot the camera, so I have no pictures, but we had a great visit.  We enjoyed lunch and then did a bit more shopping with Doug's mom before heading home.  The girls wore Grandma's Red Hat hats around all day and loved it!  They were so cute - yep, I regretted the absence of the camera.

So, since I don't have pictures of our sillies in Grandma's hats, instead I'll share a few random pictures.

Here's Angie doing some after-school reading on Benjamin Franklin.  Why she chose the dining room floor, I'll never know!  
This was taken after we got home from being gone for several days.  Mina missed Livie so much - she plopped down in Livie's lap and didn't let her up for quite some time!
Early morning peekaboos.
And this is from today.  We've never actually seen a spider's egg.  I've seen egg sacs before, but in each of the ones I've opened (out of curiosity), the little spiders have already been well-formed.  Well, today we found a dying spider on the underside of the seat of Steven's three-wheeler.  She had apparently recently finished her egg sac and had very little energy left.  Not wanting a whole bunch of little spiders running around, I reached in with a stick to go ahead and kill her and then intended to burn the egg sac.  As I reached in, the egg sac burst open exposing a bunch of little translucent balls.
Typically I burn egg sacs, just to be sure no baby spiders survive (no, I don't like spiders).  Out of curiosity, I held the lighter to the little eggs to see what would happen if I tried to burn them.  They exploded!  We all gathered round as I put the flame to the little eggs.  It sounded like miniature popcorn popping! 

Yes, I admit it.  Sometimes I get pleasure from strange things, and I'm teaching my children to do the same.  It's so much fun!


That's fascinating! We'll have to try it, as I'm not much of a spider-fan either!


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