Spring Attire

It's that time of year again!  Actually, it's later than usual.  Typically "that time of year" comes in the middle of February because we're starting to see some spring weather and need the short sleeves and capris.  But not this year!  Even today - the latter half of March - I'm in long sleeves and feel a bit chilly!  I love it!

But, knowing that spring weather really is right around the corner (this is the south - it will come overnight and catch up by surprise!), I took the opportunity to go ahead and get the clothes sorted.  I started with Steven's last weekend.  It just thrills me to see how God has provided for our little boy!  He had just what he needed - and a lot of what he loved.  I wish I could share with you my mental picture of his face when he saw the awesome Thomas the Tank Engine shirt!

This week I've worked on the girls' stuff a little bit each day.  We're trying to truly keep out only what they will wear and what has something to match.  So, the sorting and mating of things is taking a bit of time.  Also, their drawers are narrow and deep, and it's been really hard for them to keep everything neat and to actually know what they have.  So, the reorganization has added extra time to the process. 

On Tuesday we had the massive "try-on" day.  The girls were downright goofy!!  We were all rolling with laughter, trying our hardest not to wake Steven up early from his nap. 
We were so blessed once again with an absolutely perfect selection of clothes.  Just what they both needed and wanted. 

Once Steven did get up from his nap, he was exceedingly helpful as well.  After all, someone had to hold down the drawers while they were empty and waiting to be refilled!  With the help of his puppy and silkies, Steven managed the job quite well!
I confess that there are some days I wish I could just go shopping for the kids and buy them cute things, but that's just because the restless bug hits and I want to spend money - not because they don't have an amazing supply of clothes.  There can be no greater provider of things like their clothing than God.  He just amazes me every season with the perfection of what He has led people to hand down to us.  The clothes match my kids' personalities and physiques, and there is always more than enough.  No amount of shopping could ever produce what we are just given. 

Of course, that's not to say that I don't still pull out the sewing machine and the fun Razorback material and make sure my kids are appropriately outfitted each year with that one extra and very necessary outfit! 

Thank You, Lord, once again for perfect provision!


Kristi said…
Girl, I miss you! His provision is amazing!! Ptl for it! Great post and testimony. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, girl!! It's exciting to share. Miss you too!

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