Spring is Here!

It seems so strange to be writing my first spring post on the last day of March, but until recently even the pretty days have required long sleeves and jackets!  I know downgrading to jackets means spring in many places, but here in southeast AR, it doesn’t feel like spring until the sleeves can be short.  And that usually happens long before the end of March!! 
But, I am definitely not complaining.  I am not a summer gal – all of the other seasons are fine with me.  Delaying spring just a bit means delaying summer just a bit.
But we still do enjoy the spring!
The kids have thoroughly enjoyed being outside.  They’ve spent a good deal of time either in our backyard or on the church playground over the past few days.  Yay for sunshine!
And, of course, there’s their all-time favorite enjoyment…school outside!!Outside school
Much more fun than school inside on a cold, rainy day, wouldn’t you agree?  (Okay, so I guess that’s pretty fun, too – at least by the looks on their faces!)
School Olivia has designated a small sketch pad for drawing as much new growth as she can.  Today she combined her sketching with another favorite past-time – tree climbing!
Liv in a tree
Yes, we are excited about spring.  Oh, and spring also means that we get to start our second school growing experiment!  We’ve delayed our corn and bean growing for a few weeks waiting for a combination of warmer weather and uninterrupted weeks.  Next week we’ll get all of the prep work done, and a week from Friday we’ll expose our seeds to water!  I’m sure we’ll have a lot to share on that in the coming weeks!


Oh I envy you the sunshine. We have 43F, wind, and driving rain.

And three soccer games tomorrow.

Trying to be joyful...


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