Welcome Jack!

I just looked at my stash of pictures and realized there are several things I haven’t blogged about yet!  Things like meeting sweet little Abigail for the first time.  Things like our last visit with my parents.  So, I’ll definitely have to get busy over the next few days.  (That’s what I get for taking a few days off from this blog!)

But first, I must introduce you to our new sweetie, Colby Jack.Jack 1Cats, as a general rule, are not sweet and lovable.  But, there are occasionally those cats who really do love people.  They are rare, and they usually have to just happen along.  That is what happened with Colby Jack, an orange and white stray who wandered around my parents’ house.  We tried for two months to not bring him home, but we finally just could not resist any longer – especially considering that our other two cats are far from lovable!Jack 2 When we first got him home, he was not a well cat, and we were concerned about his recovery for a few days.  But, he finally began to perk up after a couple of days.  He still spends most of his time on the couch, but now he does it because he’s a typical lazy cat, not because he’s still sick.  We’re working now to fatten him up a bit – to get his body size to match that of his head and feet!.Jack 3Smokey and Mina were not at all happy with the new addition, and went on a hunger strike for a couple of days.  They were terrified of Jack, even though he did nothing other than lie on the couch for the first couple of days.  He didn’t even eat as he was trying to get well!  They’re finally to the point of resigning themselves to his presence – now they just avoid him. Jack 4 He loves to be loved on, obviously!  When we show any indication that we’re going to go pet him, he immediately rolls over onto his back and sticks his diminutive belly in the air to be rubbed. 

It’s definitely fun to have a sweet cat around the house!!  Maybe he’ll rub off on the other two…but I’m not holding my breath.


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