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For today, March 2, 2010

Outside my window...cloudy, cold, and very breezy. I've heard the beautiful sound of my wind chimes all day – that has been sweet.

I am thinking...about how much I have been able to blog lately, especially on this blog. It's interesting how sometimes there seems to be an abundance of blog material while other weeks go by with little or none. Of course, opportunity to blog is also a great consideration!

I am thankful for...the blessing of homeschooling and the fact that we will accomplish everything we need to through the course of this year while taking rest days when needed, taking trips when needed and desired, and having a great deal of fun through the course of it all.

From the learning rooms...George Washington, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; a science switch-a-roo – waiting for warmer weather for our corn and bean growing experiments and focusing on ecology for a few days instead; finally turning Olivia's completed research paper into a presentable form (it has been tabled for a few weeks); reading Toliver's Secret.

From the kitchen...discovering all of the ways we can use our new soft pretzel recipe . (Yes, I will be sharing the recipe soon, once we're finished with a few more experiments.)

I am wearing...jeans, a purple sweatshirt, and tennis shoes; hair down.

I am creating...a Mary Kay order and a gift for niece Abigail who we hope to finally meet on Thursday!

I am going...nowhere today, and it feels nice. Much “going” is anticipated over the coming week, so today is a blessing.

I am reading...Growing Godly Women by Donna Greene

I am hoping...for a smooth transition back into our walking routine – it's been a long time.

I am hearing...the victorious meow of a cat who has conquered an evil pencil, children playing (pretending they are announcing basketball games), the aforementioned chimes, the heater.

Around the books for next year awaiting my attention.

One of my favorite things...watching Angela and Steven in their enjoyment of one another. There was a time when the two of them did not get along well at all!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wednesday – school at church; Thursday – one last visit with my parents before they return to Jordan; Friday – a chance to get a few things done at home; Saturday – Doug to church for men's work day, me at home packing for a very quick trip to Memphis next week; Sunday – starting a new Bible study with the Acteens (I'm so incredibly excited!); Monday & Tuesday – celebrating my birthday on the road to Memphis; attending preview day at the seminary while trying to finalize anything Doug needs to be re-enrolled (and no, dear Memphis area friends, unfortunately it's not a visiting trip – we'll wave at you in much love while passing through!).

A picture worth sharing...

A new member of the family! Jack will be returning home with us on Thursday. (shhhh...don't tell the kids – they don't know yet!)


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