The Cradle

When I was pregnant with Olivia, I really wanted a hand made cradle. So, Dad obliged my wishes and built us one – an absolutely gorgeous one!  All three of my children used it from birth until they were just too big. Then it became a favorite piece of storage furniture, primarily for stuffies or kid-sized blankets and quilts (of which we seem to have an abundance!), that was always kept in one of their bedrooms.

Apparently, however, I was incorrect in a foundational assumption. You see, I thought my children had outgrown the cradle. But, it seems that I have been proven wrong because lately I have found it being used as…
a school “desk”
Cradle 3
a hang out spot
Cradle 1
and a “we’re playing and I’m pretending to take a nap” spot
Cradle 2
And yes, it’s all done right on top of all of the blankets. I must say, it’s definitely a good thing Dad is such a wonderful carpenter, for the cradle is holding up nicely with no sign of strain through all of this.

Of course, I smile when I think that it has been made well enough that some day my own grandchildren will sleep and play in this same cradle.  But for now, I am happy that my “babies” are still little enough to fit!


Ann, I was thinking the same thing... good thing Doug built such a sturdy cradle!

Cute pics, too :D

And many thanks - the book came in the mail just a couple days ago!

Stephanie Kay said…
Wow! That is one sturdy cradle!!
Choate Family said…
Your kids are so great! Ah, the joys of homeschooling that a cradle can turn into a desk :-)
Doug Hibbard said…

While I'd love to have that credit, it's Ann's Dad that built it.

If I had built it, it would have been the intro scene to the tragic film "Entire Homeschooling Family Crushed in Cradle Collapse" after not only the cradle, but anything made of wood fell apart at first use.

Darling husband, I seem to recall that there are six bookshelves scattered throughout this house that are quite sturdy, especially considering that they have survived three moves in just over four years! And, come to think of it, I think you made them!

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