Middle of the Week

I don’t really have much to say, but I thought I’d share a hello anyway.

It has been a productive week and it’s not even over! Yay! That makes me smile. I like it when things come together as planned. Monday and today have both been very productive, including getting all of the kids’ clothes sorted! It went so much more smoothly than usual, and once again the kids have all they need. God’s provision is just so amazing.

Tuesday was a great visit with my grandparents and included an unexpected surprise. Ashley and Abigail had stopped by for a visit on their way to visit Ashley’s parents. That’s a surprise I’ll take any day! I don’t have pictures downloaded yet, but that should come in the next day or so.

Tomorrow it will be time to clean out my closet. Doug did his several weeks ago, and the kids’ are all done. I must be diligent as well!

But for now I must get us all ready for church.

Happy Wednesday!


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