Snow Fun

As promised…snow fun pictures from Thursday.  Of course, everything’s more fun with lots of friends!

Snow 13

The bucket seemed to be popular with the littlest kids.  They liked filling it with snow and carrying it around to dump in various places.

Angela helping Jada Hillman fill the bucket.

Snow 10

Steven showing how big and strong he is to be able to carry the bucket around!

Snow 9

Ian Hillman refilling the bucket after it’s been emptied once.

Snow 8

Of course, there was snow tackling.

Snow 7

And there were the essential snowball fights.

Snow 11Snow 12

And we all know that playing in the snow is no fun without a few snow angels!

Ian, who also later made a snow boy by lying still in the snow. I loved it!

Snow 3


Snow 4


Snow 5


Snow 6

The most amazing part of it all? We crammed all of that into about fifteen minutes. It was just SO COLD! It didn’t take us long to get chilled through in our jeans and sweat pants. And when Steven admitted that even in his warm snow suit he was feeling the cold, that was a sure sign that we needed to go in!

So, the Hillmans headed home and we went inside and warmed up with some apple cider and hot chocolate.

Snow 2

Friday morning the kids were able to go out for much longer, but I stayed indoors so I didn’t get many pictures. I had to get this picture, though. Steven pulled out a couple of his outdoor trucks, and he was using the bulldozer to plow through the snow.  Too cute!

Snow 1


Hurray for fun in the snow!

And Happy valentine's day,


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