Things that make me smile:

Steven’s response when I asked if he wanted to snuggle with me: “No, I want to go play with Daddy. But, I’ll give you a hug and kiss first!” (He came back to snuggle later. Smile)

Watching Doug and Steven play together. Friday it was putting together a toy Doug found for 75% off  while we were out and about. Some days it’s a wrestling match or football tackling “practice.” Today it’s a pirate game on the computer.

Angela  thoroughly enjoying the Love Comes Softly series that I devoured when I was about her age. (The librarian was not too sure about our seven year old checking books like that out of the adult section. She made sure we knew about the little kid books!)

Olivia curling up on her bean bag in a little pop-up tent currently set up in her room.

Doug’s enjoyment of his new seminary classes. He so loves to learn, but taking only Hebrew last semester was discouraging for him (even though he did well) because he just couldn’t enjoy it. He still is dealing with that frustration, but the other two classes are helping.

Steven perched so adorably on a bench outside the restaurant where we had lunch today.

Lunch with a group of friends from church. Not to mention being blessed with precious friends among our church family.

Brownies and ice cream for an after rest time treat.

Olivia’s smiles at me while she sat alone in the pew during the song service while I was in choir. She’s seeming so grown up these days.

The way Doug perks up when he’s preaching, no matter what he’s dealt with emotionally or physically the whole week before. He loves to teach. He likes to preach. And I like to watch and listen.

Beautiful sunshine.

A cold winter. Yes, I like the cold. I like that my nice, long, wool coat has gotten a good bit of wear this year. And that Steven’s flight jacket has not been too warm. And that I can truly enjoy a day in the 50’s as a “warm” rarity instead of a normal winter day as is typical in south Arkansas.

A sense of accomplishment.

Getting to share precious moments in the lives of friends, even those thousands of miles away. Technology is so amazing.

Intentionally thinking about all the things that make me smile.


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