Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outside my window...bright sunshine and temperatures near 70 degrees. Hard to believe we had snow and below freezing temperatures just a few days ago.

I am thinking...about my attitude and how it rubs off on the children. I need to work on it.

I am thankful for...sunshine, God’s protection, and God’s provision.

I am lightweight knit pants, red top

I am creating...a list of the few things that need to be bought for school this year. I suppose that is another thing to put under “thankful for” – the list is small, which means we will hopefully be able to plan ahead and get a few things on next year’s list since it will be much bigger!

I am remembering...that God is never surprised, and that when our plans have to change, it’s often because we weren’t in line with His plans in the first place.

I am going...nowhere. I was going to Homeschool Day at the Capitol today, but plans changed!

I am reading...Girl Talk with God by Susie Shellenberger

I am hoping...that Doug is able to find out soon once and for all whether or not he is going to be on this jury. I’d rather him not be, but I also want to be open to God’s plans instead of stubbornly stuck to my own.

I am hearing...much quiet. So very nice.

On my mind...many seemingly impossible situations. Fortunately, every person involved serves the God who seems to show His hand best in impossible situations.

From the learning rooms...Abraham Lincoln & the Civil War; more electricity; the books of the Bible and their organization; place value and addition reinforcement; Olivia – diagramming and direct objects; Angela – comma rules; Steven – more short vowel, three-letter words & writing numbers.

Noticing that... “When life slows down” is never a good statement to make about getting something accomplished. We never get to the point where the discipline of our lives is easy. We just have to dig in and get it done.

Pondering these words... “I can’t go on without a hug.” and “I’m always short on hugs.” ~precious words from my sweet Steven (whose love languages are so very obviously physical touch and quality time)

From the kitchen...lots of leftovers this week so far.

Around the house...lights turned off as the sunlight pours in through the windows. I’ve missed that.

One of my favorite things...the silliness of my children

A few plans for the rest of the much “normalcy” and mundanity (did I just make up a word?) as possible.

A picture worth sharing...Steven likes his hair combed straight down. So, just to mess with him, I like to spike it up after his bath. It has become a game with us. He actually let me take a picture of it the last time I did it!!

Spikey hair


Get out!!! 70F?!?!

That's a bit of a spread, from your recent snow days!

Oh for warmth and sunshine...

Julie, I'm thinking about annual trips. You can come down here for an early spring fix when you just can't stand winter any more. Then we'll come up there in August when the heat and humidity are just about to sap every last bit of our sanity and energy. Work for you? :-)


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