Making Progress

We’re slowly but surely seeing things come together! I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook, but thought I’d upload them here, too, since this is more of my scrapbook.

The kitchen was my first “happy place,” thanks to amazing cleaning/cabinet lining help from church members last Monday and Joanna’s unpacking help Thursday. Of course, it didn’t take long to have both clean and dirty dishes piled up on either side of the sink!

View from the dining area.

2015-06-08 08.44.03

View from the back door.

2015-06-08 08.44.17

The only organized wall of the dining area.

2015-06-08 08.43.55

There is a larger, brand new refrigerator in the garage (both came with the house!), but it doesn’t fit in the fridge slot. But, we really want to bring it up and put the older one down there. We’ve got the rearrange mapped out in our heads, and we think we can make it happen. It’s just at the bottom of our list!

Next, I have the girls’ room. I really like clean, open spaces. But, we all just have stuff. We’re really trying to simplify. Really, really. It’s just taking time. In the meantime, we’re squeezing two full rooms into one. I can’t believe it worked! But, it did. We’ll continue to simplify as time goes on. But, the girls seem happy with what we have right now.

Olivia’s side.

2015-06-08 20.01.56

Angie’s side – complete with her library right by the bed! She’s a happy girl!

2015-06-08 20.02.12

Closet side.

2015-06-08 20.02.48

Steven’s room is a shade smaller but looks so much more spacious! Makes a difference when you’re not trying to cram two beds (including a double!), two dressers, a vanity, and three bookshelves in together.

2015-06-09 09.54.552015-06-09 09.53.54

It didn’t take long at all to get a pile of Legos on the floor.

2015-06-09 09.54.02

2015-06-09 09.54.45

The master bedroom is almost cleared of chaos, and the bathrooms are done. Today I’m working a bit on the living room “pretties.” It’s coming together!


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