Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 29, 2015

In the great outdoors...a rather hazy day, with temps rising again after a slightly less hot weekend.

Within our four walls...a little taste of routine as chores have been reestablished.

2015-06-27 18.08.07

Yet, also as much rest as possible today. The past two months have been utterly exhausting. We are ready for rest!

A heart of thanksgiving...for air conditioning; for a less busy week; for the chance to begin to reintroduce routine and cement the settling-in process.

A heart of prayer...for a precious family leaving the only home their children have ever known. Since it’s a move from overseas back to the US, it will be a much more permanent goodbye than ours was. My heart aches for them, especially as today is a homesick day for my kids. So, I feel the mama tug of what my friends are dealing with on a much larger scale. But I’m also excited to see where God leads them next!

Random observations...I’m not a big fan of summer. Praying for a cool spell so we can work in the garage and the yard. 

My fantastic children...are rolling right back into the chore schedule without a word of complaint. So thankful for them!

Thoughts from the kitchen...leftovers, probably.

On my bookshelf...stacks reminding me of the need to reestablish a reading schedule.

Projects...this week the primary project is school stuff, I do believe. And a little preparation for joining a local AHG troop.

Sounds of the moment...a lawn mower outside; music wafting in from the living room.

From Hibbard Academy...planning and prep

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday night date night after a full week without much hubby time.

The planner...a couple of lunch dates/get togethers; a bit more progress toward routine.

Because visuals are fun...the dining room floor. Why? I have no idea. The picture was on my phone for some crazy reason. So, I thought I’d share it with you. Because that’s about where I am mentally today!

2015-06-27 18.07.49


We haven't moved for almost twelve years - hard for me to imagine the impact of doing it often OR internationally. Glad your kids are handling it well, even with being homesick.


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