Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In the great outdoors...partly cloudy skies, moisture glistening on the grass from last night’s rain and dew.

Within our four walls...silliness, apparently, as the kids tackle the assignments they were given this morning. We don’t have a new chore schedule in place, so they’re just doing whatever we assign them each morning. Such great helpers.

A heart of thanksgiving...for the reduction of boxes and the increase of organization, for old and new friends, for working air conditioners and a solid roof. Oh, and for the discovery that the roof is NOT 25 years old like we originally thought.

A heart of prayer...for so many things and people. Praying Psalm 94:19 over several friends and loved ones.

Random observations...something has been biting my legs between the knees and ankles every night for the past three nights. I wake up each morning (if not in the middle of the night because of the itching) with about half a dozen new bites. Fortunately, the old ones stop itching by then, so I only feel the new bites. But, ugh! It’s getting old.

My silly children...are settling in, I think. We endured a few days with a lot of snipping at one another. But, yesterday was a really good day, and today is starting off well.

Thoughts from the kitchen...It’s summer. It’s hot. So, I don’t really want to cook. But, it’s run pretty smoothly the past few days. And last night, Doug put a pork butt in the crock pot to slow cook all night. Oh my. It smells good!

On my bookshelf...I actually have a bookshelf now! Well, actually it’s a cubby set. I have a cubby for review and “want to read” books, another for school stuff, one for planners (yes, I have a lot), one for editing books and resources, and a sewing cubby for patterns and my accessories box. The remaining four are work stuff, notebooks and AHG binders, Bible studies and my giveaway book stash, and, of utmost importance, the sanity shelf with my chocolate stash! Now to get back to working through the books on that review and wish list cubby.

Projects...create a new chore schedule, make a menu plan, finish emptying the last few boxes, organize bookshelves (both school and personal library), and evaluate what we still need to gather before school starts back. 

Sounds of the moment...something rattling as Steven makes noise in the living room. He’s a born drummer, I do believe!

From Hibbard Academy...Angie & Steven are doing a math lesson a day, now that we’ve found the books, and Olivia is finishing up language arts.

A favorite thing from last week...I’m not sure I even remember last week!

The planner...lunch with the senior adults today, church tomorrow night, continuing to settle in, then a quick trip to Almyra for a birthday party (and some hugs) on Saturday.

Because visuals are fun...goofiness with a new friend. We love people who are willing to be silly with us!

2015-06-13 20.47.49


Mary Ann said…
Your writing gives me such a visual of how your days are played out. It makes you not seem so far long as I don't drive down 11th street.
Love & miss you guys!!
Mary Ann
That's why I want to get back to writing! :)

I think the kids are going through Stone withdrawals, though. We might have to work out a visit!

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