Being the Youngest

Steven has started doing something that I find quite fun to listen to. Olivia has learned to read quite well, and Angela is in the beginning stages where she is learning to identify how sounds fit into words. So, one of their favorite activities is to go through life saying a letter and then coming up with as many words as they can that start with that letter. (Makes for a great check-out line activity to keep minds busy and hands distracted!) Anyway, Steven has been listening and has started doing the same thing! The other day on the way home from MDO, he was ready to see his daddy. I heard him in the back seat saying, "D-d-d Daddy!" There have been several other words that he has used to practice his letter sounds as well. I would just love for it to be easy to teach him when the time come simply because of what he's picked up from those sissies of his! Let's just hope they can pass mostly good habits on to him!


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