A Day at the Zoo and a New Roof

Yesterday was quite the day. Let me explain by backing up to Monday. Monday morning we were headed to the library when Doug saw a truck for a reputable roofing company turn down our street. We had not gotten any quotes on our roof yet, but the insurance company had sent us what we hoped would be enough to replace the roof. Someone had said he'd get us a number, but we'd never connected on that; we had someone else's name, but didn't know how to get in touch with him; we had contacted one company, but hadn't gotten a quote yet and figured it wouldn't hurt to get more than one quote. So, Doug called this company. Within thirty minutes we had contact from a sales rep, and an hour later he was at our house figuring our estimate. After a little bargaining (Doug says my Jordanian upbringing didn't hurt there!), we gave them our business. They said we'd get our new roof within five days.

Which brings us to yesterday (Tuesday). At 9:00 yesterday morning, two guys were on our roof removing the trim of the old roof. We'd already planned to be at the zoo much of the day, and we believe that God laid the perfect day on our hearts to do so!! We left for the zoo around 10:00 before "real" work of the roof had begun, and we had a new roof by 7:00 yesterday evening! Amazing!

We had a lovely day at the zoo. Steven really got into it this time - the first time he really has. He insisted on walking the entire time! He didn't asked to be picked up until we were headed to the entrance. We were there for several hours! What a trooper!

Hatching three munchkins!
Steven and Daddy watching the penguins.
Well, I accidentally pushed the wrong button and deleted a cute picture of Steven watching the elephants! Oops! Oh well - I'll put it in a separate post. Anyway, like I said, Steven really enjoyed the trip. Here he and Olivia are watching the elephants. All three of the kids seemed to have a great time. Steven was thrilled about the penguins and the hippos, Angela enjoyed seeing the Komodo dragon, and Olivia liked the fact that the hippos actually moved when we went to see them!

The weather was gorgeous for our picnic lunch, and we all were delighted to be out in the sun and away from the pounding hammers on our roof!
We were quite the entourage on this lovely day. Afterwards, we ran a few errands while Steven napped in the car (he crashed almost immediately!), and then Doug treated us to TCBY before we headed home for the evening. All in all, it was quite the lovely day!


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