True Love?

Today we had our monthly visit with our former neighbors and dear friends the Shawas. The kids and I loaded up and headed to Myrtle, MS, for a little play and fellowship - like a long-distance play date!

When it was time to load up and go home, I told Steven to tell his friends goodbye. When it was time to tell 17 month old Emily goodbye, he went to give her a big huge hug and kiss! The first time she didn't mind it - in fact, they were quite cute!
But then Steven decided he enjoyed it so much that he kept after her to give her more hugs and kisses! Emily wasn't too sure of this, and eventually she started pushing him away. Poor Steven was crushed!
Of course, Charlene and I didn't help much with our laughing and picture-taking! In the end, Emily ran to Mommy to get away from this persistent, crazy boy, and Steven, after some bitter tears, managed to deal with the rejection and move on with life! :-) Ah, the first heartbreak - won't be the last!


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