You know, babies always sing now and then and it's so cute, but there's also something special when you can start identifying the songs. Steven's in that place right now. I wish I could get some video of him to post - I'm going to keep trying. (He's also in that phase where as soon as the camera comes out he wants to see himself on the back screen. So, I frequently don't get the picture or video I'm striving for unless I can sneak up on him! Ah, children of the digital age!) Anyway, every night he begs for a song. Typically "Jesus Loves Me" is his favorite, although there are a few others he enjoys. But, it seems he's never quite settled unless we close with "Jesus Loves Me." Of course, that is me singing to him, although I've heard him singing what sounds like "Jesus Loves Me" occasionally. Yesterday Doug sang, "It's time to poke the Pooka (Steven's nickname)" to the tune of the Muppet Show theme song, and Steven picked up singing the real theme song. Then last night in the tub I told the kids it was time to clean up their bath toys, and he started singing the clean up song. Such a sweet, precious voice. I love this age!


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