Waiting for snow

Well, once again, after two days of sunshiny weather in the 50's it has become quite cold. We are waiting for the snow that is supposed to be coming our way. Supposedly it will start within the next couple of hours, and they are saying that when it's all said and done we could have upwards of four inches! Wow! It's rather amazing to go through the whole winter - and a colder one than of late at that - without hardly a flurry, and now in the first week of March we are scheduled to have our big snow.

We are having a slow day. We shortened our school day a bit - I think our hearts are already in vacation mode (which is next week). It was precious, though, to see Angie make a beeline for the couch when Olivia announced that it was time for reading. Angela loves to hear her sister read aloud.
On another cute note (and one my family will appreciate immensely), Steven has learned a new word. Several weeks ago my mom taught the girls to say "shukran," which is thank you in Arabic. Well, Steven has picked up on it, and he easily switches back and forth between thank you and shukran when he is given something. The most precious part is that when he says "shukran," it is not acceptable for us to respond with "you're welcome." We HAVE to say "afwan," which, obviously, is you're welcome in Arabic. He is very aware of the difference!


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