He Always Provides

I just love the way the Lord works - and turns bad things into good! When we first bought our house, we knew that the roof was not in great shape. It had to be patched as part of the sale, but we figured that we could hang on for a few more years before we'd have to talk about spending the money to replace it. Such a daunting thought - we just left it in the Lord's hands, knowing He gave us the house and He'd help us take care of it! Well, over the past month or so we've had two storms that have caused damage to our roof. The first was a wind storm, and we called the insurance company to file a claim as soon as we discovered that damage. A week later, though, before the adjustor came to look at it, tornados came through the area increasing the damage to other parts of the roof! Well, just yesterday we heard from the insurance company with an amount. Not having any idea how much it costs to replace a roof, Doug talked to our neighbor who is in construction and had offered to repair our damage. He can't do the whole job for us, but he said that as long as the roof doesn't have to be stripped, we should be able to get it replaced for the amount the insurance company is going to send us with no additional out of pocket expenses! A new roof paid for! Of course, anyone who can do any roofing is EXCEEDINGLY busy right now thanks to storm damage, so we're just praying the roof continues to not leak while we're waiting. Please pray with us that the Lord will lead us to just the right person or company to do the job, making even that a show of His amazing hand in all of this. What an amazing thing to be a child of the Most High God!


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