Gotta love the south

I'm getting ready to pay bills and balance the checkbook for this week, but I had to come first and comment on this crazy weather! Ah, the south! At bedtime on Sunday night we closed the windows just because we knew rain was coming, but it didn't start to really feel cool until after about 8:00. Even yesterday we wore long sleeves but no coats or jackets to MDO. Then today, we have snow! Nothing stuck, but it was gorgeous coming down! It was also a nice break in the gloom. We were all feeling the gloom. Steven had a cranky morning, math was an immense challenge for Olivia and me, and Angela burst into tears because she had to be put in bed with one of two identical blankets when she insisted she wanted the other one! But, God sent snow to remind us that even in the midst of a gloomy day, there is still something beautiful and pure because it's a day He made! God is so good to us!


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