Catching up

It's been a few days since I've posted, obviously...we spent the rest of vacation spring cleaning and visiting with family. It was nice, but I think we were looking forward to being back in routine (except for having to go back to work!!!) So, real life returned. With a bang! After dragging ourselves out of bed this morning, we all managed to get outselves going and out the door. I realized I'd forgotten something I had to have, so I turned around and returned home to get it. About ten minutes later I got a call from Doug asking where I was. Come to find out, he'd stopped for gas and then hit the interstate only to have the truck die on him barely a mile after getting on the interstate! So, I took the next exit and went back to him after calling MDO to tell them I'd be late. Doug found out he'd have to wait an hour for a tow truck, so I reluctantly left him on the side of the interstate while I took Angela and Steven to MDO. As we were heading back to Doug he called to say he'd made it to the auto shop, so we went there to pick him up and take him to work. He made it to work a good hour and a half late and I was about two hours late, but we made it! (The truck, by the way, is 18 years old with 110,000 miles and quite a few original hoses and other parts still on it! The timing belt was the primary problem, but several other things fell apart as they started getting into the repairs, and several other things were about to fall apart! These things they happen!)

We did end the day much more positively, though. I had picked Doug up from work and we were on our way home when we got a phone call from our dear friends the Shawas. They had been in Memphis for an appointment for their son, and they needed to get supper. They asked if we wanted to join them. We couldn't turn that down! So, we all met at CiCi's for dinner - just like old times! As we visited a man approached Doug and told him that he was happy to see people who weren't ashamed to pray in public and were teaching their children to pray in public as well. He was a retired Baptist preacher, and Doug shared that he and Jason were preachers as well. The neat thing about it is that we'd really been praying about where to go to church for Easter Sunday, not having a church home of our own right now. When this man found out we were between churches, he invited us to join him where he attends, and said he'd be looking for us. I can't help but think - since God works in all things in our lives - that this might be the answer to our prayers since we hadn't felt a real peace about any of our other church options. So, we'll be trying a new church Easter Sunday. We ended our nice visit with the Shawas and came home to get everyone in bed, which is where I'll be headed soon.

We do have an update. The church in Monticello, AR, where Doug went to supply preach a few weeks ago has asked us to come back. It's supply preaching again, but this time they really wanted to meet the kids (so, no excuse to get away on our own again! Oh well - the girls really wanted to visit the church, too!), and they have also worked in an after-church lunch for us to get to meet more church members. We haven't really had any confirmation of a definite interest in bringing Doug in view of a call, but wanting to spend time with us and meet our kids does seem to show a more serious interest. We are very excited, and although we definitely want to wait for God's timing and direction, we wouldn't mind Monticello being our new home! There's a great deal of uncertainty, of course - timing based on what money we'll have left in savings for income after paying for the truck repairs; how difficult it will be for us to sell our house in this economy; timing for leaving our jobs, especially MDO with summer approaching. But, as God has been teaching us so strongly lately, the answer to all of those questions of uncertainty is simple - trust Him! He already has it all figured out - we just have to walk in obedience. Please pray for us to do just that and that we will be quicker and quicker to respond with trust with each uncertainty!


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