Can Women Be Gideons?

A few weeks ago our church had a Gideon speaker. He talked about handing out Bibles to people who need them, and Olivia was hooked. When we got home, Olivia asked if women could be Gideons! We told her that, no, she couldn't be a Gideon, but she could still hand out Bibles and share the truth about Jesus. She was excited, and then she came up with a plan...

"I can put a stack of Bibles in the basket on my bicycle and drive up and down the street giving out Bibles!"

Oh, Lord, please keep us from squishing her enthusiasm! And please show us ways we can encourage her to start spreading Your Word and Your Truth right now!

What a joy and a delight to see a seven-year-old with a passion for seeing that people have the Word of God in their hands. We are doing what we can right now as a family to see that happen, but please pray that our hearts and eyes will be open to other ways we can both encourage Olivia's passion and make sure we are passionate and active as a family.


Stephanie Kay said…
How sweet! Will has been concerned about the little girl across the street who doesn't attend church. He finally was able to ask if she knows about Jesus. When her dad said, yes, Will asked why they don't go to church. Then launched into "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." His heart is good, just needs some work on the delivery.

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