Trip to Monroe

We are so very blessed to, for the first time in our married life, live close to both sets of extended family! We've usually lived within three hours of one of the two families, but the other family was typically a five to eight hour drive away. Living here in Monticello, we are an hour and 45 minutes from Doug's parents and just under three hours from my grandparents. It's a blessing that we are not taking for granted - and we are especially reminded of how special it is as we keep in touch with friends and family who don't have this privilege right now!

So, weekend before last it was our fun trip to Judsonia, and this past weekend it was a beautiful spring trip to Monroe. It was such a gorgeous spring day that we spent most of our visit outdoors.
Grandma was ready to do her spring planting, and the grandkids were more than happy to dig in and help! Playing in the dirt is always fun! PopPop built a flower box, it was filled with dirt, and the kids went to digging and planting.

(I think for Steven, though, it was mainly a matter of digging - fun dirt!!)

All in all a fun day. We went inside for a while afterwards for a bit of rest before heading home, and Steven fell asleep in my lap while I read to him. It's been a long time since one of my kids has fallen asleep in my lap. Such a sweet thing!

This coming weekend we'll be taking a break from traveling and will enjoy a nice day at home (probably partially in the kitchen!). I'm looking forward to it!


Choate Family said…
Are those azaleas I see blooming?!?
Ruthanne said…
Great pictures! I'm sure your crew had a blast planting the flowers.

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