Lovely Teeth

Today the girls went to the dentist. When they heard they were going to the dentist, they were delighted! They had a wonderful dentist in Southaven, and have always thought their regular check-up to be an exciting treat. We were praying that their first experience with their new dentist would be just as enjoyable, and those prayers were definitely answered. We could hear them giggling and enjoying themselves all the way down the hall!

Olivia had a great report. She needs sealant on her six-year molars, but that's routine. Otherwise, all is well...for now. Doug and I know that braces are in her future, but for a seven-year-old, that is still an undiscussed future.

Angela, on the other hand, needs a little work. Okay, so it's more than a little. Angie will be going in on April 22 for a filling, a frenectomy, and an impression. The frenectomy is a laser procedure to separate some muscle tissue between her uppper gum and her top lip. The impression is for making an orthodontic appliance to correct a cross bite, something she inherited from her mama. Sorry, sweetie! I had my first cross bite appliance when I was six or seven, so I really shouldn't have been surprised for it to pop up in one of our children!

We'd like to ask for prayer on several sides of this. First of all, for Angie. She's a little nervous about it all, which is understandable. Also, I can clearly remember the mouthaches from my appliances over the years. I know what she's about to feel. It's not unbearable, but it's also not very comfortable. And there are days when you just want to yank that thing out of your mouth! So, please pray for her as she deals with this appliance.

Please pray also for us on the financial side of it. We are so blessed to have some dental coverage with our current insurance plan. If we were still under our old insurance, all of this would be out of pocket! As we looked up all of the insurance coverage, we saw that the frenectomy would not be a problem - we pay a $50 deductible and then 20%, and the procedure itself is not that high. The cross bite correction, on the other hand, is rather steep. As we looked at our insurance, we realized that the cost highly depends on how they file it. If they file it as orthodontic, we pay 50%, and it will eat up about half of Angie's lifetime maximum coverage on orthodontia. It can possibly also be filed as a restorative procedure, however, in which case we'd pay 20% and it would eat up about half of her annual maximum coverage! Big difference! So, we do plan to talk to them, but please pray with us that they will be able to file it as a restorative, not orthodontic, procedure!

Thanks for praying!


Choate Family said…
Consider Angie's teeth added to our prayer list!

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