Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue

My family took one look at the cover art of Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue and fell in love with the book almost before even opening it for the first read! As we opened the book, we found that the richness extended through each page. Quiet Bunny loves the sounds of the forest, but he is frustrated because he cannot make a sound to join in the chorus. He goes through his day trying unsuccessfully to imitate the sounds of each of the other animals, and is quite discouraged by the end of the day. A friendly owl shares a bit of advice that leads Quiet Bunny to discover that he truly can contribute - he simply needs to find his own sound rather than trying to imitate the other animals. It is a precious story that encourages children to realize that they don't have to imitate others to be special or be a part of the beauty around them. As a Christian mom, I can even see many ways that this book can help teach spiritual principles that I want my children to learn.

Each of my girls fell in love with different aspects of Quiet Bunny. Olivia loves bunnies of all kinds, and the rich illustrations made her feel like she could just reach down and sink her hands into a mass of soft, snuggly fur.

Angela was delighted with the "sounds" of the book. The sound words literally jumped off each page as the various forest animals contributed their part to the chorus of the forest. The presentation of the book definitely plays to a child's imaginations in a beautiful way.


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