Ah, Boys

Right after lunch, I walked into Olivia’s room for some reason only to see her newly hung curtain rod badly bent and her curtains hanging at an odd angle.  Calling out to the children, I asked who could tell me what happened. 

Steven responded: “I did it.”

Thankful for his honesty (we’ve had issues with honesty from him lately), we still needed to get to the bottom of how exactly it happened.  He proceeded to matter-of-factly inform us that while he was jumping from the window sill to Olivia’s bed he needed something to hang on to.  So, naturally, he had to use the curtain. 

Doug sat on the bed while I tried to solemnly explain to Steven that we do not stand in window sills and we do not jump from furniture to furniture. 

I made the mistake of making eye contact with Doug before Steven was out of the room.  We had to send the boy out…quickly!

Amid the laughter, we both had one question we did not dare ask him…

Did he make it?


Stephanie Kay said…
You mean you don't jump on furniture at your house?! :) I might should have warned you about this one. I took the curtains out of my boys' room years ago because of this very thing. :)
Beth said…
We've also had to remove curtains from the room that Lydia and Nathan share. I'll have to tell you the story sometime of Nathan tearing the curtain rod out of the wall, then finding all the pieces and putting it back up!
It's times like these when I realize just how tame my little boy really is considering that he's four and I've never thought about having to remove curtains from his room - or anywhere else, for that matter! :-)
HA HA HA! We have replaced a few curtain rod brackets here, too.

You'd think they'd learn...

Then again, they probably wonder if we're ever going to learn... :-)

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