Combine Ride #2

I’m a little slow on the posting this week…

Last Thursday we got a call asking if the girls wanted to go for their combine ride!  The Stones expected to have the rice in by Saturday, and they wanted to make sure the girls got their ride before the rice was done. 

Of course they were ecstatic!

Mary Ann came to pick them up for their ride, and Doug, Steven, and I decided to follow in the car to get a few pictures at the beginning of the ride.  And, more than even riding in the combine, I wanted to get to see it all in action – see how it all works!

The girls wasted no time climbing up and in.

Combine 1 Combine 3

Mary Ann followed behind them, and soon they were all off to harvest more rice. 

Combine 6

Meanwhile, we found a good spot near the cars to watch all the action.  Steven looks intense, but he really was excited to see it all from the outside this time.

Combine 2

We arrived right about the time Gary was ready to empty what he’d been harvesting into the tractor, so we watched as the tractor pulled up beside the combine and started rolling slowly alongside, the harvesting continuing the whole time. 

Combine 4

Once that task was done, the combine kept right on harvesting while the tractor pulled away to go empty its fresh contents into the waiting trucks. 

Combine 5Doug, Steven, and I headed back home while the girls finished their ride.  Definitely an enjoyable way to spend part of our afternoon! 


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