Celebrating Angela

Seven years ago today we welcomed our surprise baby into the world.   I just love how God knows the perfect time for every step of our lives, and He puts each step into place even when we’re not quite looking for it.  That is Angela.  And how thankful I am that He gave her to us in His beautiful timing!

Angie 5

In those first days, weeks, and even months, I never could have predicted the prissy pink-loving princess she has become!

Angie 3

She still loves dresses and skirts, dolls and frills, and anything pink.  Although her two rainbow blankets (bubbies) are mainstays, we never quite know which doll or stuffed animal  will hold place of honor each week.  One day it’s Sacagawea or her beautiful Polish doll.  The next it’s her huge, snuggly stuffed cow.  Or the little solid black cat named Black Susanna.  Or Sophie the wonderfully soft floppy bunny.  Or any of the others piled into her toy box, patiently awaiting their turn as temporary favorite. 

Angie 1

But nothing compares to the comfortable friendship of her books.  She has read and re-read The Chronicles of Narnia, the Little House on the Prairie books, Magic Tree House, and Box Car Children.  She loves books about princesses and friendships and books about the “olden days.” 

Angie 6

And then she acts out her favorite stories with her brother and sister, usually taking the role of the most prim and proper character. 

Angie 7

Angela is showing those signs of growing up – of being tossed about in that gap between little girl and big girl.  She still wants a Winnie the Pooh fork most of the time, but she loves to sit like a lady.  She still loves to hold my hand, but isn’t always sure she wants to sit in the child seats in the huge Wal-Mart carts. 

Angie 2

Angela has become the little mother hen in ways I never would have imagined.  She loves to take care of others, especially younger children.  And she loves to help.  Even with today being her birthday, she was the first to come and ask what she could do to help get breakfast on the table. 

Angie 4

She’s learning slowly but surely how to control and manage her emotions.  Still tender and feeling, she doesn’t quite cry at the drop of a hat.  But that huge smile is still incredibly infectious. 

Angie 8

Happy birthday, my sweet Angela!  We love you more than words could ever express!


Oh Ann,

She is lovely - on the inside and out!

Congrats and happy birthday!

Beautifully stated! She is a lovely girl and becoming quite the young lady! Please tell her I said "Happy Birthday" and I miss you all!
Thank you both so much! She's definitely a blessing!

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