One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado

I hope you will indulge the two book reviews in one week – I just couldn’t wait to review this new children’s book by Max Lucado!

One Hands, Two Hands

As the title suggests, One Hand, Two Hands  (Oh the ways we can help with our hands!), illustrated by Gaby Hansen, is – obviously – a book about hands.  I somewhat expected the book to launch immediately into the familiar litany of all the ways we can be helpful with our hands.  Lucado’s approach, however, was refreshingly different.

One Hand, Two Hands takes a beautiful walk through the day of a child showing the variety of things she does with her hands.  She can use her hands to lovingly play with and care for her animals.  Her hands can bend and flop, be wet, dry, clean, dirty, sweet-smelling or stinky.  They can help her care for herself and allow her to help her mommy and other members of her family. 

Lucado has once again used his mastery of words to turn simple  phrases into beautiful word pictures.  Hansen’s illustrations almost jump with action, adding even more meaning and depth to Lucado’s rhymes.  It seems that we cannot come to the end of this book without smiles on our faces to match the ones in the illustrations. 

Lucado wraps up his tale of hands with a discussion starter of sorts.  He gives three types of hands – Helping Hands, Kind Hands, and Loving Hands – and then lists examples of ways children can use their hands. 

The primary audience of One Hands, Two Hands is preschool aged children.  When we first received the book, four-year-old Steven and I delightfully moved through each page.  He loved “discussing” the thoughts provoked on each page, and he excitedly explored each new illustration.  If your family is like mine, however, you’ll find the older children willingly offering to read this sweet book to the younger ones, just for a chance to read it again themselves (and yes, my nine-year-old agrees!).  Max Lucado and Gaby Hansen have definitely produced a delightful treasure. 

This book was sent to me for review by Book Sneeze of Thomas Nelson Publishing


Choate Family said…
What a sweet book for a sweet family!

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