Move Blessings

In every move there are ups and downs, goods and bads.  Just as when we moved from Mississippi to Monticello, this past move has seen many blessings in its midst.  I’ve been intending for quite some time to sit down and blog about them, but I keep forgetting.  Today is the day!!

  • Cooler weather!  In contrast with the scorching heat of the summer, the morning of our move was amazing!  Cool breezes blew, and everyone’s sweat was the sweat of exertion, not the sweat of just stepping outdoors. 
  • Fully packed!!!  I cannot remember a move when we could just focus on loading the truck.  I was always filling boxes as the boxes were being carried out.  Not this time.  God guided so amazingly with all our timing and packing organization.  We went to bed early the two nights before the move because there was nothing more to do!
  • Happy & helpful kids!  There have been some emotional moments as the chaos has stretched on week after week, but for the most part all three kids have handled this so well.  Happily and helpfully.  What a blessing!
  • No flooding!  Our washer is extra-large capacity and has a lot of water output.  The pipes in our last two houses have not been able to handle that output and the result has been flooding.  We didn’t know what to expect here, so Doug and I crowded around the washer with the first load to see if it would flood.  No worries!  That water gurgled nicely down the pipes without even a second of back-up!  YAY!
  • Water filter.  This may seem small, but it’s huge to us.  When we were shopping for a fridge four years ago, our big thing was that we wanted an in-fridge filtered water supply.  Moving down here, there was a fridge in the parsonage, and we knew that our fridge wouldn’t fit in the hole even if we were to bring it.  So, we said goodbye to our filter system.  Two days after we moved, Doug was curious why one side of the interior of our new fridge was so much lower than the other.  Come to find out, there was a filtration inside the fridge itself rather than being in the door like our old one.  Just one more little thing that God took care of!
  • Finally, Facebook.  One of the hardest parts of moving is leaving the day-to-day life sharing with people we’ve come to know and love.  Thanks to Facebook, we still have that privilege.  Not quite the same as being there, but still getting to share those little moments.  That’s fun and comforting.

God grants us the blessing of salvation, which in and of itself is far more than I could ever deserve.  Then, on top of it, He adds in all of these other things – these material blessings that just make our lives easier!  I long to take each one and intentionally direct the glory back to Him.  After all, there is no other true purpose for blessings than His glory!!


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