Birthday Fun!

We have celebrated Angela’s birthday for days now!!  It all started on Thursday.  Our dear friend Vickie was working in Stuttgart that day, so she used her lunch break to come and eat with us.  We, of course, were delighted. 

Bday 7

We made strawberry heart cupcakes with pink icing to begin the birthday celebration, and Vickie brought Angie full princess gear.  Do you think maybe she knows the birthday girl just a bit? 

Bday 8

On Friday we made the cake.  She made it easy for me this year.  She wanted a jello heart cake with whip cream.  So, I colored the whip cream pink and purple and used a super-size decorator to make stars and shells around the cake.   She loved it, and I loved how easy it was!

Bday 6

Saturday morning dawned and we were ready to celebrate some more! 

Bday 1

Of course, we were all in full-fledged Hog gear.  How exciting that the Razorbacks chose to honor our sweet little fan by playing their first game of the season on her birthday!

Bday 2

Lunch was her usual birthday fare – quiche!  This time it was chicken & bacon quiche with carrot sticks and homemade punch.  She was delighted, as always.  And, of course, the princess “dinnerware.”  Hot pink plates, princess napkins, and Tinkerbell cups.  Quite the combination!

Bday 5

She loved her gifts…a silver Tinkerbell charm from Nanny & Papaw, a pink ball and glove from Olivia and Steven (we love to play catch around here, even though none of us are all that good at it!), and a pink Lego cd player from Doug and me. 

Bday 3

Then today Doug’s parents came up to visit the birthday girl and see the new house/town.  Naturally I forgot to get the camera out while they were here, but we had a good visit with them.  We grilled burgers and gave them a tour of the house.  They gave Angie a little doll family to go with the doll house set she’d gotten for Christmas.  I believe she’s holed up in her room playing with it as I type!

All in all, a fun weekend of celebration for a sweet seven-year-old!


Choate Family said…
Looks like some fabulous celebrating for a fabulous girl!

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