One more…

Oh, and not to overload you with posts today, but I forgot to add this to our blessings post! 

Most of the time we were in Monticello, we were so blessed to be able to borrow a riding lawn mower from a church member whenever we needed it.  Then, God blessed us with a push mower for those last couple of months – and occasional breaths of cooler weather so Doug and I could take turns mowing without being totally overwhelmed by the heat. 

Well, moving here has not stopped the lawn mower blessings!

One of our church members owns a riding mower that she’s not using right now, so she sent it to our house on long-term loan…

Lawn MowerWith a machine like that, I could even start to like mowing! 

God is so good to take care of every little need, no matter where we live!  I love it!  And, I’m so thankful for the obedience of His children to let Him work through them to bless us this way!


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