Sweet Reunion

About midday on Labor Day, our cat Mina walked up the road and then decided not to come back.  Doug and I noticed that night that she wasn’t home and didn’t come when we called.  We didn’t say anything to Olivia, though.  Olivia is the only person in the family who Mina really likes, and Olivia loves Mina.  We just kept quiet hoping Mina would be back the next morning.  She wasn’t.  Olivia finally noticed on Tuesday evening as a t-storm was rolling through and both of the other cats came darting in – but Mina didn’t.  At that point we told Olivia that we hadn’t seen Mina in a day and a half and didn’t know where she was.  We all cried and prayed a little bit, and Olivia was at peace.  But, she still missed Mina greatly and kept looking for her to come home.

Finally, that Thursday morning rolled around.  As I walked into the living room, there was Mina in the window begging to be let in!  What a sweet wake-up surprise for Olivia!

Liv & Mina

Mina wore a path that morning back and forth between the food bowl and Olivia.  If Livie went outside, so did Mina.  Whatever room Livie was in, there was Mina.  When Liv left to ride the combine, Mina was not happy.  It was definitely one sweet reunion!


What a relief for Olivia :D

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