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For Today...September 28, 2010

Outside my window...a dark, still night; not quite as cool as the last couple of nights, but nice nonetheless.

I am thinking...about the fact that I had trouble fitting all our food in the freezer.  We have so much and some have so little.  I cannot forget to be both thankful and giving.

I am thankful for...the aforementioned food; the beautiful, cool weather; routine; FALL!!!!

I am wearing...bright pink t-shirt, bare feet (sandals nearby), jeans – not capris, but full-length jeans, thank you very much!  And I didn’t get hot once today!  Oh, and my hair has been down all day, too.  Even while working in the kitchen all afternoon!  Yes, I think fall is officially here!

I am creating...ideas, still.  And, Christmas is coming, so it’s a secret anyway!

I am remembering...our trip to NW AR not quite a year ago, and the year before that as well.  The trees were so gorgeous! 

I am have a “normal” day tomorrow – school, afternoon study and writing.  At least, that’s the plan.

I am reading...the girls’ school books.  Which reminds me – I need to read a chapter tonight!

I am hoping...the cool weather is here to stay.

I am hearing...vehicles passing by on the highway a block away; Doug tapping on his computer; the soft click and whir of the ceiling fan; nature’s night noises through the open windows.

On my mind...the MS house.  There was possibly going to be a showing of it today.  We haven’t heard anything.

From the learning in full swing as of this week. Kids remembering things well.  A new schedule.  The girls helping to teach Steven (that’s fun to watch, and so far they are all loving it!).

Noticing almost feels like we’ve always lived here instead of having just moved.  Not that the reality and memories of other places are by any means gone, but our home is so comfortably settled.  It’s nice.

From the kitchen...30 Meals (or, in my case, 29) in One Day (well, two afternoons).  Lots of intriguing new recipes.  I’ll be reviewing the book, cd-rom, and my experience with it all later this week.

Around the house...a bit of neglect since I’ve been cooking every spare moment the past two days.

One of my favorite things...FALL!!!!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the & church tomorrow; a trip to Arkadelphia with Doug (and only Doug – no kids!) on Thursday for the OBU Pastor’s Conference (I am SO excited!); a weekend with no real plans – the first such weekend since our move.

A picture worth sharing...I will confess, I am lazy tired.  The pictures are on the other computer.  So, I’ll make up for the lack of picture today with a picture-filled post tomorrow. 


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