Catching Up – Sun, Dec 19

I feel so far behind on blogging about what we’ve been doing lately!  I thought about just letting it all go and starting over again with the here and now, but then I remembered that this blog is as much about recording for our memory as for sharing with others.  So, I’m going to back up and fill in a few gaps.

For the most part, December was filled with getting to a good stopping point in school, getting all our Christmas presents made (I’ll probably devote a post to those!), and keeping up with the obligations (most of them fun!) before us. 

We tried something new this year at church – new both to our family and to our current church – that, in my opinion, turned out to be a lot of fun.  The Sunday night before Christmas we had a service devoted to Christmas music.  Not a cantata – more of a Christmas singing, for those of you familiar with rural church services such as the 5th Sunday Sing.  Whoever was so inclined got up and shared a Christmas song or two.  We had solos, duets, trios, groups, and congregational singing. 

I was so proud of our kids – all three of them.  Karlyn, one of the kids’ teachers at church, had been working with Olivia and Angela, preparing them to sing their solos.  They sang “Joy to the World” together, and then Olivia sang “Away in a Manger” by herself. 

Church 5Church 4 

Church 2As the service was drawing to a close, they got up with their friend Madelyn for an impromptu trio singing “Silent Night.”



Church 1All the kids big and small joined together for a couple of songs through the course of the evening. 



But, Steven couldn’t be left out!  Once he realized that his sisters were getting to sing by themselves – with the microphone, no Church 3less – he just had to sing a song, too.  I never dreamed he’d actually get up there and do it!  He wanted me with him (you can see how he’s literally clinging to my arm!), and he giggled through the whole song, but he sang “We Three Kings” (his favorite this year) for everyone.  If any of you have ever watched the Claymation Christmas camels sing “We Three Kings”, you know how hard it can be to ever sing the song in a relatively calm manner again.  But, he pulled it off (although thinking about the singing camels just might have been what caused the giggling).

Of course, there was a lot of adult and congregational singing mixed in with these cute kiddos!  And, of course, being the good Baptists that we are, there was plenty of delicious Christmas food as well!  All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend the Sunday evening before Christmas. 


Stephanie Kay said…
What a wonderful idea!! Oh how this post makes me miss rural Southern Baptist churches!! And 5th Sunday Singings. And business meeting potluck dinners. sigh.

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