Want a Cat? Or Two?

I am mad at the cats. And not just a little either. They have been banished outside and I’m not sure when they’ll be let back in. Fortunately for them, it’s 74 out today, but it wouldn’t have mattered it it was -7. They still would’ve been kicked out.

What have they done that was so horrible? Well, just before I got sick, I had my regular laundry day. But, we didn’t manage to get the laundry folded. So, it’s all been in baskets on the floor in my room. For some crazy reason through the course of the week at least one of the cats (the only one free from suspicion is Jack) decided that one of the baskets of clean laundry was preferable to use as a litter box than the two completely fresh real litter boxes in the laundry room!! We discovered the crime when we started to fold the laundry today. (Yes, they had managed to cover the smell by digging deep into the pile and then burying it with other clothes. Grrr.)

So far I have rewashed the load of laundry three times. After the first time, it still stunk, so I washed it again. After the second time, I assumed the stink was just all in my head. So, I decided to go ahead and dry it. That’s when I found the lumps. YUK!!! So, I shook out every piece of clothing and washed it all again.

No, I’m not happy with them right now. In fact, it’s going to take a lot of convincing before I let them back in the house at all. I’m sure they’ll break me at some point, but it’ll be a little while!

On a brighter note, the gorgeous weather is wonderful! I don’t particularly like the ups and downs in temperatures – I’d rather it stay one way or the other. But, since we have a 74 degree day before the temperatures plummet again next week, we’re enjoying it. The windows are open and the kids are outside. Perfect!


NWB said…
Ann - try putting vinegar in the wash water...... quite a lot of it!
Thanks, Mom! Don't know why I didn't think of that...
And if the vinegar doesn't fix it, soak in baking soda and water.

You're very patient... I think I'd shoot the cats!

Oh, my friend, seventy-four degrees??? We're looking at a high this week of 47, and going down to 20 or below! Enjoy your warmth :D

Doug Hibbard said…
If it happens again, the cats will be summarily executed.

Olivia said "Dad, you can't shoot them in the city limits."

1. Yes I can. We have no police.

2. To get out of the city limits, I only have to cross the street by my house.
The clothes are clean! YAY!

Oh, and Julie, don't worry - the 74 is leaving very quickly. T-storms today and tomorrow and 39 on Wed. Life in the south = one day shorts and snow boots the next! :-)

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