Desperate Cat

Apparently my kids just aren’t exciting enough right now, because the cat-venture continues and I can’t help but share. 

When we walk and our mama cat Smokey is already outside, she tends to follow us around town like a puppy dog. She frequently follows us to church and waits outside for us so she can then walk us home.

Yesterday was no exception. We headed to church and she went right along with us. I was suspicious, though, that there might be something a little odd in her behavior when she tried to follow us inside! Then, when we wouldn’t let her in, she went around the building, found the windows of Doug’s office (where we were for the moment), and started fussing at us. We just ignored her, figuring she’d give up and go home.

She didn’t.

We had Sunday school and went on to church. Doug had just gotten good and settled in his sermon delivery when we heard it – pitiful and loud meowing outside the sanctuary. I knew that meow immediately. I looked down at my Bible to avoid making eye contact with Doug because I knew if I did, that would be the end of the sermon. Then Olivia leaned over and said, “Mommy, I think that’s Smokey!” I nodded and tried to maintain my composure. But I could tell Doug was losing his. Finally he stopped, looked at me, and asked, “Is that our cat?” All I could do was nod.

As rapidly as I could, I was going through my options. What could I do? How could I calmly and quietly settle the kids so I could slip out and leave them? Then, what could I do? I couldn’t just run her off – she’d come right back. I could put her in the car (Doug had left it at church a couple of days before and we just hadn’t gotten it back home yet) if I could remember where I left my keys. Or I could take her on home, but would that be leaving the kids unattended for too long?

While I was wildly rushing through my options, one of the deacons got up and slipped out to see what he could do. I am the only one who has ever caught that cat when she’s been outside, so I had no idea what he could do. But, the meowing stopped and church proceeded.

I found out after the service that he must have a “magic” touch with her because she came when he called and he managed to catch her and shut her up in a storage room. I went to let her out while we got ready to head home, and she then proceeded to stay right outside the fellowship hall door wailing while she waited! When we left, I had to go to that side of the church and call for her so that she would know we were leaving. She followed us home, then spent the next couple of hours glaring at me. And no, we did not let her follow us to church last night.

Never mind the kids giving me gray hairs – I think the cats doubled the count this weekend alone, leaving me to question once again why in the world we have these monsters at all!


NWB said…
This is too funny. THIS is why you put up with those critters.
True. I do have to admit, it was quite funny!
Doug Hibbard said…
It's going to be even funnier when the cat is unable to find its way home from Judsonia in September.
Alli said…
The cat is just wanting to be saved! You going to deny her that right?
Doug Hibbard said…
I'm going to baptize the darn thing in the middle of the lake.
HA HA HA! Pictures of the baptism???

Hurray for the deacon who just stepped in and helped :D


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