Exceedingly Random

I currently have a nice, quiet house. Everyone is resting. Okay, so I’m blogging, but that’s still restful! We intended to have a “real” day of school, but Angie was sleep-deprived from being sick in the night (she claimed to feel fine – just tired – this morning) and Olivia can’t seem to get rid of a persistent headache. So, we went over our Scripture memory, talked about our reader, handed out limited independent work, and called it a day. On the plus side, Steven (the completely healthy one!) and I got to do a little extra stuff together this morning. He liked that.

Anyway, so with all of the pitifulness this morning, it was decided that there would be naps all around this afternoon.  I don’t think anyone has actually napped, but at least they’re resting. As for me, well, I think my stomach bug symptoms are finally gone, but I’ve got the energy of a sloth. Okay, maybe a panda. I have actually accomplished some things this morning, so that elevates me above the sloth, right? I just found things I could do that didn’t require being up. Teaching. Planning some needed curriculum purchases for Steven. Listening to the lyrics of an album I need to review soon. Reading the next book review book.

So, that’s where we are!

I did want to comment about the Etsy shop. There is not going to be a lot of pushing the shop on my blogs because that doesn’t fit with their purpose. But, I wanted to give this one plug, and then I will probably set up a static page on each blog with current shop information.

The address is http://www.etsy.com/shop/notquiteordinary. Right now I mainly have scarves showing. The tie selection was supposed to be listed this week, but then the stomach bug hit. So, it’s coming. As soon as I get caught up. Even if boys’ ties and fleece scarves aren’t up your alley, will you help me get the word out to others who might be interested? Thanks!

Oh, and mainly so I will remember this sweetness, I have to share one more thing.

One day last week I was sitting on my bed reading a couple of chapters from a review book between chores. Steven climbed up on the bed beside me saying, “I just can’t go on!” Wondering what he was talking about, I turned to look at him. He crawled over to me and wrapped his sweet arms around me repeating, “I just can’t go on without one!” He needed a Mommy hug. Once he got his hug, he jumped right back off the bed and resumed his playing. Yes, it made Mommy’s day.


Oh that is precious! You DO have to remember those moments... especially when adolescence hits ;D


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