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I know this blog is typically where you get to read all sorts of neat stories about our family and the things we do.  Those are usually well-written, fun, and packed with pictures.

This is not one of those entries.  The writing will be different since I'm not Ann, and it's not really a story.

We were trying to brainstorm book report and book comprehension questions.  This is because Ann is needing to free up a little time to read and write her own personal stuff, and just cannot keep trying to read everything the kids are reading.

So, we came up with these questions, and I'd like to know if any of you have any additions or suggestions (this is in an outline-type format):

I.  Setting

A.When does the book take place?

1. In real time?

2.  In book-world time?

For example, The Chronicles of Narnia have a timeline in Narnia and a place in real world history. Where does it fit?

B. Where does the book take place?

II. Characters?

A. Major Characters

1.  Who is the most important character?

2. Who are other important characters?

3. How does the author let you know these characters are important?

4.  Why are they important?

B. Minor Characters

1. Are there minor characters?

2. What do the minor characters add to the story?

III. Plot

A. What happens in the book?

1. Not every detail

2. What are the important actions?

B. What is the most important thing that happens?

1. Why do you think that is the most important thing?

2. How is it accomplished?

C. More objective questions:

1. Where do people go in the book?

2. What do the major characters do in the book?

3. What are the major events in the book?

IV. Theme

A. What is the book about?

1. Ideas?

2. People?

B. What do you think the author wanted you to notice?

V. Personal

A. What did you like most about the book?

B. What did you not like about the book?

C. Would you want to read it again?

1. Why?

2. Why not?


Obviously, this is not exhaustive, but I hope it's helpful.  If anyone looks at this and sees that it's actually someone's copyrighted work, let me know---sometimes I remember information without sources, and that may be what happened at the dinner table tonight.

Have a great day.



Doug and Ann,

I got a book report outline (questions) from Sheila Gregoire that I like. If you'd like to see it, shoot me an email - julie.garrett at


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