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For Today...Tuesday, January 4, 2010

Outside my window...a sky that alternates between completely cloudy and almost completely clear; a cat patiently waiting at the base of a tree for a fat squirrel to decide to come all the way down.

I am thinking...about a nap.  Deep thought, I know.

I am thankful for...the amazing man who is my husband.

I am wearing...Razorback attire!  Oh, and I guess the jeans & socks are relevant, too.

I am creating...the handful of items which will be the first things for sale on my Etsy site.

I am remembering…learning to write.  I hated it.  But I can write now because of it and because of Mom’s perseverance in teaching me.  Now I see the same frustration in Angela’s eyes when we talk through writing assignments.  And I confess that I don’t enjoy teaching it.  But, we will persevere, and one day she will be thankful.

I am get that nap.  And hopefully get a few more things checked off my list, too.

I am reading...Possession by Rene Gutteridge.  Haven’t progressed very far in Wilberforce’s book, but I still plan to read it.  The list of “want to read” books is rather long right now.

I am hoping...that we’re not all getting sick.  It’s day two of immense sluggishness all around.

I am hearing...Rich Mullins’ version of “Sing Your Praise to the Lord” fading, Downhere’s “All At War” beginning, Doug’s clock ticking, and Olivia’s pencil scratching on her paper as she sits beside me to do her math.

On my mind..From the learning rooms...slavery & the years leading up to the Civil War – comparing & contrasting timeline & events of emancipation in the United States & the British empire, Harriet Tubman, place value, learning/solidifying multiplication facts (both girls), basic addition principles (Steven – per his request), strengthening the grasp on consonant/vowel blends (Steven), early American inventions, All Sail Set by Armstrong Sperry.

Noticing that...we have a very wide range of musical tastes. Since I’ve been sitting here I’ve heard old and new Christian contemporary, country, Star Wars, and secular pop.  And that’s nowhere near the full range available.

From the kitchen...the delight of having a meal plan in place.  It’s amazing the difference it makes!

Around the Christmas decorations.  It seems strange, but it’s nice.  Everything’s getting back to normal.

One of my favorite things...curling up with a blanket, a good book, and plenty of time to read.  Not that such things come around very often.

A few plans for the rest of the week...dinner & Sugar Bowl party tonight with friends (Woo Pig Souiee!), possibly a museum trip later this week, overall a mostly low-key week in preparation for next week which promises to be pretty busy.

A picture worth sharing...what are aunts for?  Horsey rides!  Poor Aunt Alli!

Christmas 17


Doug Hibbard said…

I'm deleting your comments from here, if you want to leave any additional ones, I have a website at

However, my counsel to you is likely the same as Bro. Barber's: you have a local church from which to gather much of the leadership you need in following Christ.

Please, drop over to my personal blog and let's hash this out over there.


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