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For Today...Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011

Outside my window...increased visibility now that the fog has lifted a bit, but still very gray.

I am thinking...about all of the projects I have my hands in right now and the most efficient and timely way to tackle it all.

I am thankful for...the ladies at church who let me tag along with them for their monthly luncheons, my hubby who is very comfortable being daddy to the kids even when I am gone, and a church that allows my hubby to work from home when needed.

I am wearing...jeans, navy tank top, heavy cream-colored ribbed cardigan, low black boots that haven’t come off yet since returning home from lunch.

I am creating...ideas for various blogs I'm involved with, a few other writing projects, and an Etsy profile (yes, it’s finally up – just have to get items listed!), and a new plan for this weekly post.

I am remembering...this past summer and its immense heat.  Makes me even more thankful for winter!

I am get as much of my to-do list done as possible.  It’s not looking promising!

I am reading...Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner (book review), Freedom Train by Dorothy Sterling and The Perilous Road by William O. Steele (both for school), and still working through Sense and Sensibility when I have the time.

I am start seeing more productivity in my afternoons.

I am hearing...the girls talk softly as they work; what sounds like crows cawing outside.

On my mind...friends in ministry.

From the learning rooms...catching up from last week’s sick days.

Noticing that...I really don’t like to make phone calls.

From the kitchen...Doug and the kids had chicken pot pie for lunch.  It’s time to menu plan again…not sure when I’ll get to that, though!

Around the house...things mostly caught up.  That’s nice.  Very nice.

One of my favorite things...organizing.

A few plans for the rest of the week...a meeting tonight, then a mostly “normal” week leading up to Doug being gone for Evangelism Conference next Monday and Tuesday.

A picture worth sharing...hmmm…seems I haven’t taken any pictures since the snow.  Guess I better get back on that!



Choate Family said…
Praying for you, friend, as you organize and meal plan and get productive again!

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