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Since I know that most of my homeschool friends read my blog, I figured this was the best way to ask around about this stuff…

A lady I’ve met on homeschool forums (don’t ya love internet communities?!) has some materials she is trying to find a new home for. Her statement to me was “pay postage and whatever else you want/can.” Here’s the list of what she has. Let me know if you’re interested in any of it, and I can get you in touch with her!

A Beka:
Not sure if current editions:
Adventures in other lands speed and comp. reader G4
birds of north america cards
science g2 reader
Geography maps G4

BJU current:
grammar TE for g6 and g9 with most of the workbooks for both
not sure if current:
science readers 3 and 4
consumer math te and student tex
apologia exploring creation with general science student text (I dont think they make a teachers) solutions and tests, and the companion CD
simply grammar by Karen Andreola
misc books on planets



I've already ordered mine, but you might want to grab that Apologia science for yourself - for later. I think that's aimed at about 7th grade - Christian, literal creation, general science.

Thanks for the tip, Julie!

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