Simple Celebration

I am just not that good at creating celebrations. I love to participate in them, but I just don’t put them together well. It stresses me out. Fortunately, my kids are easy to please.

Valentine’s Day rolled around, and I’d done nothing to prepare. We have a few things stored away in a tub to help celebrate, but I hadn’t gotten up into the attic to get them. And, Monday was not a good day for me to try to make up for that! So, I ad libbed.

Doug was going through the jury selection process (he was released on Tuesday – yay!), so it was just us for lunch. That’s where all of our fun came in.

I took whole grain tortillas and made little heart shaped pizzas.

Vday 3

I also gave them a treat and let them have some Sprite for lunch – colored pink, nonetheless! And, to top off my improvised lunch party, I pulled heart-shaped cupcakes out of the freezer, leftover from another celebration.

Vday 2

While they ate their cupcakes, I read St. Valentine: More Than Cards and Candied Hearts to them.

The awesome thing about my kids is that they didn’t care that it was pulled together at the last minute or that it was simple. They thought it was all awesome and had a great time! Ah, childhood bliss.

My intention was for them to all make cards for one another, but I think only Angela got around to it.

Vday 1

Maybe next year I’ll task Olivia with planning a fun party for us. With a little guidance, I think things like that will be right up her alley!


LOVE your heart-shaped tortilla pizzas! That is really clever!

Glad Doug got excused, too,

Stephanie Kay said…
Great ideas! Kids don't care if we plan months in advance or throw something together last minute. They just like us to make them feel special.

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