Family Pictures

Last month during Alli’s spring break, she came down to practice her budding photography skills on our family. (She said she needed new faces.) Since then I’ve been intending to get the pictures up here and on Facebook, and I just haven’t gotten around to it. I was going to pick out my absolute favorites and put them on here, but it’s so hard to narrow them down – especially when there are 350 of them!! So….

I’m going to put on here the ones Alli touched up and played with a bit and just send you to Facebook for the rest of the “chosen ones.” Click here to see the FB album.

Poor Alli had to work against the allure of cats, crop dusters, and the desire to climb trees, but we had fun nonetheless!

family1Family2Girls1Girls2Girls3Kid2Kids1Olivia BlueSteven


What GREAT pictures :D

Happy Easter.

We'll be thinking of you as we eat our eggs!


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