“Quick” Fix!

Some of you might remember the great plumbing disaster of 2009 that stretched on for a lovely eleven days. In fact, just linking one post doesn’t come close to covering the story – the last post related to the less than pleasant event came over a week after the first one. I just reread it and had to laugh over Steven’s delight at watching the work going on in our yard that final day.

Anyway…yesterday (Sunday) morning as I was taking a shower, I noticed that the shower was backing up a bit, and then I heard the same “glug, glug” in the toilet that I’d heard that fateful day two years ago when we ended up with nasty sewage backed up and pouring out of the bathroom and into the hall. All I could think was, “Oh, please, no!”

Since I was the last to shower, I poured some Drano down the drain and was relieved to find that it seemed to be fine. No more issues throughout the day.

Then came this morning. Doug had showered – no problem. But, about halfway through Olivia’s shower we heard her call out, “Mommy, the shower won’t drain!” And, yes, the toilet was still making noise. It went from bad to worse when, while Doug was checking it all out, the toilet backed up without even being flushed. Apparently all the water being run down every drain was backing up through the toilets.

Fortunately, unlike the last experience, this was all relatively clean water.

So, Doug made a phone call or two, looking for a snake to try to take care of the clog. But, no clog could be found. So, as thunderstorms rolled in, the plumber was called. I braced myself for another adventure and packed up to take the kids to church for the day.

Early in the afternoon, Doug got a call saying the plumber was at the house! No two-day wait! It was delightful! So, he headed back to the house while we continued to hang out at the church.

Once again, it was a broken pipe – well, a broken gasket that caused a connection to break. It was a relief to know that we hadn’t actually clogged the drains, but goodness! Does our presence cause pipes to break?

Again, I braced myself for a long drawn-out process.

Instead, Doug returned around 5:00 to say that everything was fully repaired!

I had supper in the oven at church, so we went ahead and ate and then packed up and came home to fully functioning plumbing! One day! Just a few hours, in fact! Ahhhh….

Needless to say, today didn’t go quite as I had planned. And it means that the week won’t go quite as I had planned. But, we have functional plumbing! Pretty soon I can go take that shower I missed this morning (I was due up after Olivia), and not have to make plans to get the kids up and to the church bathrooms first thing in the morning. So nice!


Oh hallelujah! Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest blessings of modern life, if you ask me!

Agreed! I'd even rather have plumbing than electricity - well, except when it's 110 plus 95% humidity. Then I think the electricity wins. :-)

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