For those who might want to know…we’re still here! The storms in Arkansas last night proved to be less damaging than expected, praise the Lord! We had several tornado warnings in our area, but never anything more than cloud rotation or a few high funnel clouds. The tornado danger ended around 8:30 last night, so even though the severe thunderstorms extended through the night and are still rumbling through this morning, we were able to get pretty good sleep last night. The kids slept through it all, and we were only awakened occasionally by the storm warning updates on the phones.

The storms keep coming, and the flood warnings are everywhere. There is supposedly a current tornado warning for just south of us (not all sources agree on that one), so the tornadoes might be coming back as the sun is heating all of this up. That is a rather humorous thought to me, though, as the sun seems like a foreign object right now.  It is VERY dark outside.

Thanks for the prayers for us and others in the path of these storms. Keep them up – they’re still coming through here, and the states east of us are dealing with them, too, or will be soon. We’ll keep you posted!


Glad to hear you're all okay :D

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