Random Pictures

I’m finding pictures that don’t really have a real “place” but are just begging to be shared. So, here’s a random picture post.

Living in Almyra puts the kids in “tractor” paradise. They are everywhere, and the excitement and enthusiasm over them never wanes.


Angela loves stay-at-home days when she doesn’t have to wear real clothes. If she has her way, she’ll go several days in a row moving straight from pj’s to dress-up clothes of some sort. Sometimes she even talks Olivia into joining her. A few weeks ago they were ballerinas for a couple of days.


I love it when the kids read together. Occasionally these days the girls even let Steven read his little books to them. Precious! Here, Angela’s reading Steven’s history to him. 100_8946

Steven started his job last Friday and got his first pay envelope. Oh, was he ever proud!


I was going to include a picture of the penguin all dressed up, but apparently it’s not been uploaded from the computer yet. So, stay tuned for that one. It’s pretty impressive!


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