Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...April 19, 2011

Outside my window...bright sunshine and ever-increasing winds – bringing in another round of storms tonight, apparently.

I am thinking...about things that need to be done that I haven’t written down yet. Probably should stop and do that right now!

I am thankful church family and their desire to enjoy one another outside of Sunday and Wednesday meetings. Being in their company on a regular basis is such a blessing to me.

I am short sleeve top, white capris (yes, it’s before Easter, but it’s also nearly 90 degrees outside – summer is here, I don’t care when Easter is!)

I am creating...actually finishing up…two new ties to be delivered today. Probably another gown for Olivia will come next.

I am remembering...when my girls used to always dress alike. Even if they didn’t necessarily have matching outfits, they would find ways to make what they had match. Similar styles, colors, something. It hasn’t really been that long ago, but it seems like it ended almost overnight.  Not that it is disliked by them – they still enjoy it, but it’s just not thought of much anymore.

I am reading...well…between books again. I’m caught up on book review books for now. I think next on my list is Jan Karon’s In the Company of Friends, loaned to me by a friend and Andy Andrews’ The Traveler’s Gift, prequel to The Final Summit that I recently read and reviewed.  And, I still want to reread Jane Eyre. It’s been a long time, and that was one of my favorites.

I am hoping...the storms fizzle out tonight. Praying for no repeat of the last terrible storms.

I am hearing...the air conditioner. Was hoping we’d make it closer to May before needing it, but so thankful that we have it!

On my mind...answered prayer and more prayer requests. The answered prayer always encourages me as I continue to pray for other requests.

From the learning rooms...History: cowboys and George Washington Carver; Science: introduction to the scientific method and elements, drawing and building circuits; Olivia: prime factoring, using an encyclopedia, and understanding the writing process; Angela: equations, measuring, ratios, root words, prefixes, and suffixes; Steven: new phonics blends, basic math concepts, and coin familiarity.

Noticing that...I haven’t done Polish in a long, long time. I need to get back to that regularly.

From the kitchen...sugar cookies and buttercream icing in preparation for tomorrow night’s Easter celebration at church.

Around the house...falling behind just a bit on things. Should start catching up by tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...teaching my children. It has its ups and downs, but I can’t imagine not doing it.

A few plans for the rest of the week...birthday party tonight; celebration with the kids at church tomorrow night; a Civil War event on Saturday; sunrise service, cantata, and Easter service Sunday morning.

A picture worth sharing...Olivia and Angela might not match frequently anymore, but Olivia and Steven did yesterday. Steven thought it was really cool to be “twins” with his big sissy.



Cute picture!

Hope you guys don't get any tornadoes. Do you have a cellar, or where do you go?

And hurray for homeschooling!

Doug Hibbard said…
No storm cellar---we huddle in the hall if we have to go anywhere.

To be honest, we go online :) it's coming right now as I type this. Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, all the fun stuff. And no, there are no sirens in this town either.

Ah, the South. You should come visit. But not in the spring.

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