Something that is very hard for me is teaching my kids skills. I can teach them facts and information. You know, school stuff. But there are other things they want to learn, too. Things like cooking and sewing. Those are the things that are a little tougher for me to teach. I really have to just choose to have patience, because I guarantee you, it does not come naturally!! But, I’m working on it.

So, part of Olivia’s Christmas present this past year was a day of sewing with Mommy. She wanted a new dress for her sock doll, and so I told her we’d make it together. We started it right after Christmas, but, as is typical with teaching situations as opposed to me just doing it, it took longer than expected to go through all of the steps. So, we put it aside to come back to. I really didn’t intend for it to take over three months to get back to it! Really! But, the schedSewing 4ule got busy and other sewing projects had to take precedence. Like these…

Olivia had no summer pajamas this year. So, I promised to make her whatever she wanted. She picked out the material and let me know which pattern she wanted to use. Meanwhile, Angie’s pj’s are all very worn, so I told her I’d make her a gown, too. Olivia will get one or two more, since her choice is this gown or t-shirt and shorts – and she has still not quite outgrown real pj’s yet!

Anyway…back on point.

Olivia finally stopped me one day and said, “Mommy, we need to decide when we’re going to sew and just do it.” Knowing she was right, we made our date. And, because of unexpected issues, we had to push our date back a few more days. But, last Monday, we finally got it done!

Since it was a doll’s dress with very small seams and pieces, I still had to do most of the work. But, she learned a lot (I hope!).

She threaded the sewing machine for the first time.

Sewing 2

And she pinned the skirt and sewed the straight side seams. I think she also helped with the gathering.

Sewing 3

The picture doesn’t do it justice because the white just doesn’t show up well, but the simple little dress really did come out looking quite pretty!

Sewing 1

Next time, though, we’re sewing something without the teeny, tiny seams!


That's amazing! It looks like a wedding dress! Okay, a teeny, tiny, wedding dress ;D

And the nightgowns look like real dresses to me... well done!

Julie, that's exciting to me because a wedding dress is exactly what she asked for! I didn't know if it would turn out looking like one or not.

They do look like dresses, don't they? I love that pattern because it's so incredibly versatile that way! And, it has patterns for pants and tops that can go for pajamas or real clothes, too. I'll probably get a LOT of use out of that one!

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