One More

I can’t believe I forgot this one earlier!

I walked into the dining room earlier today and found Olivia in the dining room with Jack the cat and a handful of food. Instead of reminding her once again not to carry around cat food (yes, this has been a problem on multiple occasions for various reasons), I sighed and asked her what she was doing.

“I was trying to train Jack to sit, but it’s not working!”

Before I had the chance to even wonder where in the world my child came up with this idea, she told me. A friend from church had loaned us a book with all sorts of useful information, the intention being to help us with our rookie attempts at gardening. But, come to find out, the book also includes some, well, less than useful information as well – like how to train a cat.

Olivia, in her excitement about training the cats, had overlooked a key piece of information. The instructions discussed training young cats. Our youngest cat is two and a half years old, much older than the “young” to which the book was referring. But, she didn’t even start with that cat.

Instead she started with the oldest cat in the house.

And with plain ole cat food instead of real treats (which we don’t have).

And for some reason it just wasn’t working. I just can’t imagine why!

But, it did work to provide yet another laugh. Thanks, Liv!


Oh Ann, I love these kid stories! The age my kids are... their mischief is (ahem) less comical ;D

Julie, I think that might just be a matter of perspective. Your kids' mischief usually leaves me rolling on the floor!

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